With the rapid growth during the last years as on trade, MTY PLAST has become one of the most respectful and powerful today marks in the plastic field. We established in Romania in 1993, when MTY's production facilities were moved to nearby Bucharest. Then we built here a brand new factory which we wholly own, and created a new manufacturing line loking into expanding our market over the entire continent.

We strive to meet all the challenges of the plastics sector, not an easy thing to do when the standards and necessary skills change with each new technological breakthrough. We have an entire team of experts woking in the field enableing the company to provide top class quality service & product to the plastic industry. With the superiority in the technical, quality and pricing, Mty plast’s products are widely accepted by the market, and have become a brand to trust here in Romania and all over Europe.

We make products for your business, your home, and your children so you should be able to go home with no problems in mind at the end of the day...we do make your life easy.